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MICR Toner

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The acronym "MICR" stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. MICR is a process by which documents are printed using magnetic ink and special fonts to create machine readable information for quick document processing. The principal purpose of MICR toner is to print accounting and routing information on bank checks and other negotiable documents.

MICR toner contains an iron oxide that permits the "bank line" information of a check to be read by electronic bank processing equipment. MICR toner is similar to standard laser printer toner, but requires a 50% to 60% iron oxide additive content to meet ANSI specifications for readability standards.

MICR toner cartridges are specialty cartridges filled with magnetic particles. This will enable you to print professional bank checks from your own home or office. If you would like to print your own checks conveniently and save money you will need to print your checks with Magnetic Toner.
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