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Welcome to our store!    Thanks for stopping by.
We are constantly upgrading our store to serve you better.  Our goal is customer satifaction.
If you need assistance with ordering or locating a product please contact us.

Pricing Information

Prices are subject to change without notice!   We are not responsible for typographical errors.

We try to offer the best value to our customers.  Prices and products change constantly.
We do our best to present accurate information.  Occasionally mistakes happen.  
It is obvious that we cannot sell a pack of 100 cables for $2.25 when the price should be $225.00  
In order to be fair with our customers if you see such an error and you report it to us, we will
give you 10% credit against your order.  Even if you do not purchase that product.  
So look around the web site and if you spot an error you will earn 10% against your order.  
This will be a permanent offer!  This will help us maintain an accurate web site.

"I found it cheaper on another website."
Caveat Emptor - Let the buyer beware

While it is possible to find a better bargain - you should
consider the following:

  • is it the same product?
  • is the quality the same?
  • is delivery guaranteed?
  • is the vendor reputable?
  • is it really cheaper?

Customer service is our main goal.  We sell quality products.  We guarantee delivery.
You can contact us.  There are no hidden fees.  When you place an order with us
you can be confident that you will receive what you ordered and it will be delivered
on time.  If anything goes wrong with your order, we will do whatever it takes to
make it right.  This is our guarantee of customer service.

You should be wary of dealing with companies that do not list their physical
address or their phone number on their web site.  You should be wary of extra fees
and charges that appear when you check out.

Please note that if you actually find it so much cheaper, we want to know.
Because we try to get the best deals for our customers and we may even match the
price if possible. You must tell us where you saw it so we can check it out.

You can contact us by email using our contact form
You can call us at 623-772-0623
You can write to us at this address:
11221 W. Olive Drive
Avondale, AZ 85392

We are here to provide customer service.

Need Help?

If you need information or assistance with your order please call our office at 623-772-0623. We are here to help you.

Discount Programs

We offer different discount
programs to our customers.

*Returning Customers
*Referral Discounts
*Group Discounts
*Quantity Discounts
*Corporate Discounts

To learn more about our programs click "Discount Information" link below. If you need more information or assistance please call our office at 623-772-0623. Or you can use our contact form - Contact Us

Discount Information

Best Sellers
We have added new product lines. 
Vertical Cable bulk cable line.
Get bulk pricing on any quantity.